Vivian; 18; Virginia; I love bands, concerts & crowdsurfing.
West Virginia University '18


'babe, what's the safety word'

'jacobs by marc jacobs for marc by marc jacobs in collaboration with marc jacobs for marc by marc jacobs'

remember when things were just really bad in high school for me and the whole “prom” thing just made me feel even worse and i forced myself and kept telling myself to hang on because once i come here, everything would be in the past and i’d feel better? yeah. it did and it feels amazing.
so over the whole not having friends concept and feeling like shit everywhere i go and live in a shitty household.
i don’t even feel a thing about prom anymore. so over that too.
i’m glad i actually got away from that mess.
everything really will be just fine.

  • fashion tip: wear black on the first day of school so you're ready for the funeral of your happiness


I’m the person that plays fall out boy at a party


just another day of not being rich and famous